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DNA Tests Available at GPS Origins

GPS Origins offers only one test which it describes as “The GPS Origins™ DNA test is the leading ancestry test in terms of accuracy, analyzing over 800,000 markers, 36 gene pools and 862 reference populations. Set up your secure account and your GPS Origins™ DNA test kit will be mailed to you containing everything you need.” In addition, users receive a GPS Origins Report.

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About GPS Origins

“The GPS Origins™ test is a revolutionary ancestry test that enables you to trace where your DNA was formed over 1,000 years ago, along with its migration routes, down to the nearest village or town.

Current ancestry DNA tests locate where your DNA formed within countries or continents. Typically you find that some of your ancestries come from Western Europe, Africa or South Asia, and given broad estimates of your ethnicity. These tests generally cannot identify your origins to particular countries or locations.

Building on the ground-breaking research of Dr Eran Elhaik and his genetic team from the University of Sheffield, The GPS Origins™ test overcomes the limitations of other ancestry tests with a new ancestral tracking technique that uses markers in your DNA to pinpoint specific places where your DNA was formed.”

GPS Origins™ is owned by DNA Diagnostics Center. “Established in 1995, DNA Diagnostics Center (“DDC”) was founded on the belief that the technological advancements in DNA testing should translate to services that are accessible and affordable to everyone. We have built an international reputation based on our commitment to reliability, innovation and value by offering DNA testing services for paternity and other family relationships, forensics, genetic trait tests for animal breeders and veterinarians, and now for ancestry research.” Click here for more information.

How the GPS Origins Concept Works

Elhaik now also offers the unique DNA analysis service described in this video which traces markers back to a more exact geographical location of ones genetic ancestry than the much more limited precision provided in the case of standard X and/or Y chromosome DNA testing.

“The GPS Origins™ test analyzes over 800,000 autosomal markers from your DNA to pinpoint your origins. It identifies when and where your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line that eventually leads to you.

The GPS Origins™ test then traces the migration route of your DNA back to where it originated from and dated the age of your DNA signature. It does that for both your maternal and paternal lineages indicating where your DNA began. Your results are detailed in a report that reveals your ancestral origins.

Your personalized report identifies your top three Ancestral Origins (the Gene Pools or ancestral communities that contributed significant portions of your genetic makeup) and shows the percentages of DNA you inherited from each. The report is much more detailed than an estimate of ‘ethnicity’. ”

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GPS Origins and Genealogy Research

“Discovering your genetic origin will help you answer the question of where you are from beyond the written record of your family history. It can help you open up further avenues of research and you can learn more about the lives of your ancestors at the point in history when your DNA began.

Your ‘ancestral family’ is much larger than your immediate family and you may be able to find out much more about their lives and culture with the GPS Origins™ test.

Because GPS Origins™ ancestry testing provides an accurate location, you can discover more about the place where your distant ancestors originated. GPS Origins™ will help you use historical and archaeological research to find out about the time and conditions in which your distant ancestors lived.”

GPS Origins Reference Populations

“GPS Origins™ uses 862 reference populations in its database when calculating your results. This large number of reference populations, obtained from publicly referenced datasets, along with the 36 gene pools helps deliver the accuracy in your GPS Origins™ results.”

GPS Origins Accuracy

“The accuracy depends on your family history. If your parents are from the same place or two different locations, and not mixed themselves, the test can trace your DNA signature back to the country of origin 90% of the time. The test will predict the correct continent.

In a study of people from across the world GPS Origins™ algorithm predicted continental origins with 98% accuracy, assigned 83% of the individuals to their country of origin, and, where applicable, 66% of them to their regional locations.

If your ancestors were from Western Europe, and your parents came from the same region, not moving far from the place that they came from, the test will place your DNA signature within 50 miles of its true origin, and often closer.

Your results will show the origin as a point on a map. Any expected error appears as a circle around the point – the smaller the circle, the more accurate the result. The accuracy also depends on the size of the reference population in a given area; the larger the reference group, the more accurate the results will be.”

GPS Origins Miscellaneous

  • The DNA test kit at GPS Origins uses the cheek swab method of collecting DNA.
  • Approximate wait time for results is 4-6 weeks.
  • GPS Origins also offers the ability for consumers who have test results from 23andMe, AncestryDNA and/or National Geographic/Geno 2.0 tests to upload their results and run them through the GPS Origins algorithm (for a fee).
  • GPS Origins was created by Eran Elhaik, PhD. “Dr Eran Elhaik leads a multidisciplinary team at the University of Sheffield, following a PhD at the University of Houston, two post-doctoral research fellowships at the Johns Hopkins University and an appointment as a Research Associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Dr Elhaik’s research is dedicated to identifying important questions in biology and his research draws on computational and statistical skills alongside epidemiology and mathematics”
  • The lab used f.or processing GPS Origins DNA kits is located in the United States “Your DNA sample is processed in our fully accredited laboratory. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure accuracy. The laboratory performs every step of your DNA test. We do not outsource your DNA samples to a 3rd party contract lab like other companies!”

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