DNA News Update – Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Here are the latest news articles related to DNA testing, genetic genealogy, genealogy research and family history via National DNA Day

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  • Childbirth In The Age Of Genetic Testing: “Parents today have more options to determine and influence their children’s genetic makeup than ever before. But is knowing more about one’s DNA always . . ” Click here to read – via North Carolina Public Radio
  • Estimating the Sizes of the Genealogical at DNA Databases “The past few months have brought some exciting news from two of the main autosomal DNA (atDNA) companies: AncestryDNA exceeded 3 million testers in January 2017, and 23andMe broke 2 million in April.” Click here to read – via The DNA Geek
  • The Fourth Pond: MyHeritage DNA: “For years we have been advising DNA testers, specifically those searching for birth family and attempting to solve family mysteries, to test at all three of the major DNA testing companies, in other words to “fish in all three ponds.”  These three autosomal DNA databases – AncestryDNA, 23andMe and FamilyTree DNA- now contain between about five to six million testers in total. ” Click here to read – via Your Genetic Genealogist

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