DNA News Update – Friday, April 21, 2017

Here are the latest news articles related to DNA testing, genetic genealogy, genealogy research and family history via National DNA Day

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  • 23andMe Parkinson’s Research Community Update: “Some of the important Parkinson’s projects launched last year include a pilot study on the feasibility of incorporating de-identified medical records into the data we use for research.” Click here to read more – via 23andMe Blog
  • Concepts – Percentage of Ancestors’ DNA: “A very common question is, ‘How much DNA of an ancestor do I carry and how does that affect my ethnicity results?'” Click here to read more – via DNA Explained – Genetic Genealogy
  • DNA Testing – Which One Is For Me?: “DNA testing is quickly growing in popularity.  Not only do these tests provide insight on your estimated ethnicity makeup, but they also enable you to connect to family members from across the globe.” Click here to read more – via GeniJourney
  • Meet Your DNA Family—23andMe’s New Ancestry Report:  “23andMe’s new Ancestry Report has reimagined how you see these relatives — both close and distant — not just matching you with people with whom you share pieces of DNA, but putting those matches into context that tells you something about yourself.” Click here to read more – via 23andMe Blog
  • MyHeritage DNA Challenges Traditional Notion Of Race: “MyHeritage DNA is challenging the idea of checking that one little box to define one’s race. A campaign created by WPP’s Berlin Cameron includes a video featuring rapper and spoken word artist Prince Ea.” Click here to read more – via Marketing Daily

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